Graphic Design, Web Design

New projects done

Elect Ryan Clark

Done in Drupal. Not my favorite platform, but it was Ryan's choice as he is the one controlling the content and that is what he is most comfortable with. The template is not mine, I just did some tweaking and helped with some content flow issues.


Hosting for a very dear friend of mine who is a streamer on Twitch. I installed WordPress and a theme, then let him go ham on it. I added a few CSS styles and helped with the layout just a tad. He was looking for something that he could easily edit and I convinced him that WordPress was the way to go. He's totally thrilled with it and is very happy to be in full control of his own website content.

Identity Youth Conference

To be honest, I'm not happy with this one. There are multiple reasons why this didn't work out as I had hoped, however the client is thrilled to have a working website.